Under the Serpent Sea is the 12th book in the series.

Official DescriptionEdit

Description 1Edit

In the dramatic culmination of a mystery that's built up over the last four books, Eric, Julie, and Neal discover the source of Keeah's power and one of the great secrets of Droon. The kids travel to the underwater kingdom of Demither, the mermaid witch who controls the elements with the Red Eye of Dawn. It's up to them to hide the Eye safely away from the clutches of Lord Sparr!

Description 2 Edit

The sea witch Demither is stirring up a storm in Droon. Keeah has to stop her! This mission could make or break Keeah's wizard training. And Eric, Neal, and Julie think they can help their friend. But many suprises await them in Demither's underwater world- and many secrets will be revealed.


  1. A Mystery Dream
  2. Day of Night
  3. Fasten Your Sea Belts
  4. Into the Creepy Deep
  5. Black Fire, White Wings
  6. The Puzzle's Pieces
  7. The Gate Called Doom
  8. The Spirit in the Stone
  9. Ninns in the Grotto
  10. The Wizard Queen

Plot SummaryEdit

Eric Hinkle is telling his friends Neal and Julie about a dream he had. He was dreaming that there was a storm and he hid in his basement, but while he was hidding he saw Demither and a young Keeah come into his house from Droon. Eric followed them up to his attic where they flew out the window. The kids start to wonder if these were really memories, not dreams. The head down the Rainbow Stairs to Droon, and find themselves in Jaffa City. As they walk down, they find that a huge storm is taking place. The friends rush into Galen's Tower and find the wizard and Max searching for something.