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The Secrets of Drooooon is a children's fantasy book series written by Tony Abbott. The first book in the series, The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet, was released on June 1, 1999. The final book, The Final Quest, was released on October 1, 2010.


Three children named Eric, Julie, and Neal discover a magical world called Droon in Eric's basement. Throughout the series, they work with Princess Keeah, the wizard Galen, a spider troll Max, and other Droon citizens to defend Droon from the evil sorcerer Lord Sparr. In later books, Sparr is supplanted by a new villain named Emperor Ko, an ancient enemy of Droon. Near the end, Ko's right-hand dragon, Gethwing, supplants him.


Droon citizensEdit

  • Keeah
  • Sparr
  • Kem, Sparr's two-headed dog
  • The Wizard Galen
  • Gelna (Galen under a female)
  • Max, the Spider Troll
  • Fedous, Max's nephew
  • Khan, King of the Lumpies
  • Bludge, captain of Ninns
  • Djambo, leader of Orkins
  • Mudji, Djambo's great-uncle
  • Groggles
  • King Zello and Queen Relna
  • Emperor Ko
  • Portentia, a sightless oracle boulder
  • The Warriors of the Skorth
  • Hob, the Mask-Making Imp
  • Salamandra, mysterious sorceress and self-proclaimed Queen of Shadowthorn (from Pesh, an ancient city in the Upper World).
  • Urik the Wizard
  • Queen Zara, Queen of Light and mother of Urik, Galen, and Sparr
  • Gethwing, an ambitious moon dragon, who serves as the second in command to the evil Emperor Ko.
  • Shago, master thief
  • Ving, prince of the Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom
  • Ming, queen of the Pirates of the Purple Dawn and Ving's sister
  • Ing, Ving and Ming's baby brother
  • Genies of the Dove
  • Knights of Silversnow
    • Old Rolf
    • Lunk
    • 'Tiny' Smee, or known as Smee.
  • Nelag, a clone version and an exact opposite of Galen made to take Galen's place when he was off chasing Sparr in Goll. Has an alternate personality to that of Galen--every statement he makes is compulsively false.
  • Silfs
  • Monkeys from the Bangledorn Forest
    • Queen Ortha
    • Twee, a monkey
    • Woot, another monkey
    • Weaf, a third monkey and Twee, Woot's cousin
  • Bodo
  • Vasa
  • Quill, Galen's feather pen
  • Flink, Galen's messenger
  • Saba, Ko's phantom
  • Jabbo, pie maker, King of Doobesh, and servant of Queen Salamandra.
  • Batamogi, leader of the Oobja mole people in the Dust Hills.
  • Augustus Rudolphus Septimus Thum, or known as Thum.
  • Demither, queen of the Serpent Sea and Queen Relna's sister (that makes her Keeah's aunt).
  • Prince of Stars
  • Motli, Otli, and Jotli, the Prince of Stars's crow friends
  • Duchess Dumpella, co-ruler of Ut (looks just like Julie Rubin)
  • Duke Snorfo, co-ruler of Ut (looks just like Neal Kroger)
  • Wingsnakes
  • Hakoth-Mal, or known as wingwolves.
  • Hag-dragons, or known as Haggons.
  • Krog, a cursed monster
  • Kahfoo, was actually the Orkins' river but Ko enchanted it into serpent form.
  • Num
  • Pasha, maker of flying carpets
  • Queen Hazad, Queen of Agrah-Voor
  • Thog, librarian at Zorfendorf Castle
  • Gryndal, leader of hog elves
  • Soarwings, four-winged birds
  • Marmets
  • General Plundit
  • Major Smeed
  • Nesh Warriors (undead) a.k.a. Yugs
  • Baggle, leader of the snowfolk
  • Snowfolk
  • Captain Grunto, the Ninns' leader under Gethwing
  • Slyvor, an important underling of Gethwing
  • Empress Mashta, ruler of the Sand Children
  • Hagdy and Magdy, twin sorceresses
  • Pinch, a weasel
  • Anga, keeper of the Ruby Wand
  • Isha, Sparr's pet bird

Family membersEdit

  • Mr. & Mrs. Hinkle, Eric's parents
  • Mrs. Kroger, Neal's mother and a librarian
  • Mr. Rubin, Julie's father

List of BooksEdit

  1. The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
  2. Journey to the Volcano Palace
  3. The Mysterious Island
  4. City in the Clouds
  5. The Great Ice Battle
  6. The Sleeping Giant of Goll
  7. Into the Land of the Lost
  8. The Golden Wasp
  9. The Tower of the Elf King
  10. Quest for the Queen
  11. The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom
  12. Under the Serpent Sea
  13. The Mask of Maliban
  14. Voyage of the Jaffa Wind
  15. The Moon Scroll
  16. The Knights of Silversnow
  17. Dream Thief
  18. Search for the Dragon Ship
  19. The Coiled Viper
  20. In the Ice Caves of Krog
  21. Flight of the Genie
  22. The Isle of Mists
  23. The Fortress of the Treasure Queen
  24. The Race to Doobesh
  25. The Riddle of Zorfendorf Castle
  26. The Moon Dragon
  27. The Chariot of Queen Zara
  28. In the Shadow of Goll
  29. Pirates of the Purple Dawn
  30. Escape from Jabar-Loo
  31. Queen of Shadowthorn
  32. The Treasure of the Orkins
  33. Flight of the Blue Serpent
  34. In the City of Dreams
  35. The Lost Empire of Koomba
  36. Knights of the Ruby Wand



In DroonEdit

  • Mikos
  • Land of the Lumpies
  • Goll
  • Doobesh
  • Ro, the floating city
  • Kalahar Valley
  • Agrah-Voor, land of the dead
  • Mokarto
  • Tarkoom
  • Zoop
  • Fire Frog Mountain
  • Isle of Mists
  • Rivertangle
  • Dust Hills
  • Tortu, the city on a tortoise
  • Eshku, Five times of Droon's past
  • Jabar-Loo
  • Bangledorn Forest
  • Jaffa City
  • Farne Woods
  • Kano
  • Serpent Sea
  • Castle of Silversnow
  • Zorfendorf Castle
  • Dark Lands
  • Plud
  • Ut, the city in a bottle
  • Saladian Plains
  • Parthnoop, Droon's moon
    • Cave of Night, Gethwing's birthplace
  • The Vine Roads
  • Rongerents
  • Uncharted Wastelands
  • Krone
  • Paraneshi Iceway
  • Seven Cities of Gold

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