The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom is the 11th book in the series.

Official DescriptionEdit

An earthquake has brought a piece of the past back to life! It's a wicked city called Tarkoom, full of sneaky bandits with a plan to upset present-day Droon. Eric, Neal and Julie need to travel back in time to put the city in its place. It won't be easy - but the kids know someone who can help make Tarkoom history.


  1. One Head Is Better Than Two
  2. What the Legend Says
  3. Tarkoom...Again!
  4. City of Bandits
  5. The Everywhere Passages
  6. In the Court of Prince Ving
  7. Room of Tricks
  8. The Bad Kind of Bolt!
  9. Wild, Wild Droon!
  10. Friends, Friends, Friends!

Plot SummaryEdit

The book starts with Eric and Julie, cleaning the closet which leads to Droon. Neal appears with Snorky, who goes into the closet and reaches Droon. The kids go after him, and, almost immediately, are attacked by a two headed dog. Keeah arrives and scares it away, using her witch powers given to her by Demither long ago in the Upper World. They find Galen and Max who take them to the Oobja valley, where Batamogi tells them about an earthquake which made a deep crater and Galen realizes that it released Kem. He tells the kids about the city of Tarkoom, the pirates who lived in it, and their leader Prince Ving. Max says that Galen destroyed the city four hundred years ago. Galen tells them that a legend says that if Kem ever howls again, the city of Tarkoom will come back. They witness the revival of Tarkoom, but Eric, who had trailed behind is attacked by Kem. He falls into a tunnel underground, and a horrid smelling fruit falls with him. He, being very hungry, eats it, and finds he can understand other languages. He finds the others who tell them he had been gone for about thirty seconds. Keeah tells them that she has heard of tunnels like that, when they are attacked by bandits, who take them to Ving's court. Ving tricks them all, except Eric who can understand what he really means due to the tangfruit, and sends them into a room. Eric tells them to climb the walls, because the floor gives way and serpents appear. They are rescued by a four hundred years younger Galen, who takes them to Ving's court, and finds that Ving plans to fire a lightning bolt at the Oobja village, which has the magic of Goll buried underneath it. They attack and save Panjibarrh, causing the bolt to shoot directly upwards, and fall on the city, which is destroyed. The book ends with Snorky eating a tangfruit and talking to all of them.