This is a list of all known spells, as seen in the book series The Secrets of Droon.

Spell Name Caster(s) Effect Book(s)

Princess Keeah, Galen Longbeard

Teleportation of one individual The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet
Selam-ala-kwitt Lord Sparr Splits a tunnel into two pathways Journey to the Volcano Palace
Bembo-switt Princess Keeah Breaks something The Mysterious Island
Tomba-snooka-jeeba-three Princess Keeah Turns target into a bug The Mysterious Island
Tomba-snooka-jeeba-floo N/A Bug Distraction The Mysterious Island
Bello-gum-pello-mum-rello-hum Princess Keeah Temporary Ninn Apperance City in the Clouds
Timbo-limbo-koo-kimbo Princess Keeah, Bodo, and Vasa Undoes a bug-transformation spell City in the Clouds
Solee-Bolee Lord Sparr Freezes everyone in the room. Effect nullified when the caster says a person's name. Sorcerer
Seepo-ta-la-moo Eric Creates a luminous silver arc of light that lasts for a few moments In the Ice Caves of Krog
Chengo-la-moop Eric Creates a silver beam of light that can melt ice In the Ice Caves of Krog