Official DescriptionEdit

A visitor from the future has returned to Droon. Her name is Salamandra, and she is a sorceress -- and an old foe. But Salamandra really seems to want to help Eric and his friends. She shows them a terrifying vision of the future in which Droon's capital has burnt to the ground. The kids will do anything to prevent this vision from becoming a reality. But can Salamandra be trusted? Or are Eric, Julie, Neal, and Keeah playing right into the sorceress's hands?


  1. Eric, Plain and... What?
  2. Take Two!
  3. Her Again
  4. Up the Stairs
  5. A Mesh in Pesh
  6. Through Billowing Curtains
  7. There and Back Again
  8. Journey of the Landboat
  9. Goo -- Goo -- Gethwing!
  10. Eric, Plain and... Tall