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Real name Nelag
Aliases Galen, the backwards wizard
Species Wizard
Friends Galen, Max, Eric Hinkle, Neal Kroger, Julie Rubin, Princess Keeah
Family Galen (based on)
Powers & Abilities Backwards magic
Dislikes Ko, beasts
First Appearance The Moon Scroll

Nelag is the imperfect copy of Galen Longbeard. He was created to be a copy of Galen so the enemy would not know Galen was missing, but he was not perfected and became backwards, for which he was named the backwards of Galen, Nelag.


Since he is a reverse wizard, everything Nelag says is compulsively false. For example, he will say, "Good morning!" in the evening, he will recommend that people go to the desert when he really wants them to go underwater, and he will say that something did not happen to him when it actually did. Like one of the knaves in a Knights and Knaves logic puzzle, people can usually discern the truth from what falsehoods Nelag says.


Nelag shows up in Special Edition 8. The Final Quest, where he confirms that Eric and company have to bring the Wand of Urik to Queen Zara.