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Real name Neffu
Aliases Neffy (by Keeah)
Species Wizard
Friends Prince Ungast
Lord Sparr
Family Princess Keeah (Good side)
Powers & Abilities Witch powers
Dislikes Neal, Julie, Keeah, losing battles, etc.
First Appearance

Neffu is the Dark Side of Princess Keeah of Droon.


Neffu has witch powers. She was born the day Witch Demither gave Keeah witch powers. In Special Edition 2. Wizard or Witch?, Neffu reveals herself to Keeah and tries to persuade her to join Neffu so Neffu will take over. However, Keeah is able to defeat Neffu and cast her to the Underworld.

In Special Edition 6. Crown of Wizards, Neffu escapes the Underworld and is accepted into Gethwing's Crown of Wizards. Together, she and Ungast steal the Coiled Viper from the Serpent Sea and turn Lord Sparr back into himself. She becomes Dark Princess Neffu, along with Dark Prince Ungast, Lord Sparr, and Emperor Gethwing. In the books that Eric is Ungast, she doesn't seem to trust Ungast as well as Gethwing does. Neffu seems very paranoid with Keeah around her.

She continues working with Gethwing in Special Edition 8. The Final Quest, and when the moon dragon sends his forces to Jaffa City, Neffu takes Doobesh successfully. She is captured like Gethwing and a revived Ko and is sent to Agrah-Voor for eternal imprisonment at the end of that book, though.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Neffu has blonde hair and has a red tunic similar to Keeah's royal blue. She also has a copy of Keeah's crown. However, she is usually dressed in black boots and scarves, showing she is not exactly the same as Keeah.



In the book Crown of Wizards, Neffu doesn´t seem to trust Ungast very much until the very end, when Ungast proves himself to be on Gethwing's side. This is the only time she accompanies Ungast.


Neffu probably only joined Gethwing because she´d get some power for herself.


Neffu likes making fun of Keeah. She also hates her because she refused to let her win in Wizard or Witch?. Keeah and Neffu have a rivalry much like Gethwing and Galen. Neffu is good at persuading others, however Keeah wasn't fooled by the witch and was able to successfully conceal her in the Underworld.