Neal Kroger is a fictional character in The Secrets of Droon. Ever since Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara, Neal has become the First Genie of the Dove and has acquired all the powers of a genie.


Neal's main personality factors are humor and hunger. Always willing to crack a joke and always willing to devour some strange new food, Neal often gets himself into trouble. A classic sidekick character, though by no means a sidekick, he will often seem scared but really possess much courage. Neal is very good at using what talents he has to benefit the plan, especially means having fun, eating, or inflating his ego. He will provide distractions, pretend to be his own doppleganger, or even pose as a bodyguard named Doofus the Ugly.

Transformations, Talents, and Magical AbilitiesEdit

Throughout the series, Neal has been turned into a giant bug twice: first, from a freak spell in Book 3, The Mysterious Island, and then from a re-emergence of that spell in Book 4, City in the Clouds. Since then, Neal has at various times become a baby turtle (Under the Serpent Sea), a goblin (Special Edition 1. The Magic Escapes), and now a full-fledged genie. While not exactly transformed, Neal also disappears before reappearing in a miniature glass ball in Quest for the Queen.

Neal is also the last of the three children from the Upper World to receive magic powers. Eric becomes a wizard after Book 12, Under the Serpent Sea, and Julie gains the ability to fly, shapeshift, and see into the past in Book 17, Dream Thief. Neal does not become a Genie until Book 27, The Chariot of Queen Zara.