Ming is the princess of the hawk pirates of Tarkoom.  She is the sister of the hawk bandit prince, Ving. Ving is a bit like the opposite pretend wizard, Nelag. He doesn't say what he means. Though his words sound friendly, Ving thinks bad things.  But he interprets it in a nice way that doesn't compell others to blast him. Ving and all hawk bandits never swim or even fly over water.  Ming swims, sails,and other water things.  Earlier, they were banished back in time to a place called Tarkoom.  Then, as time passes, they were sent back into the present. Then, the bandits robbed Droon of all its' magical stones to make a city in the present called Mokarto. After that, they milled them at the stone mills of Feshu and captured Keeah in a cage of light. He trapped Eric, Julie, and Neal in a dungeon. Eric used a charm to make a double of himself. This spell makes a phantom. He couldn't touch anything, but he could walk through the light cage and free Keeah. Eric was about to turn back into himself when Keeah and Eric entered the underwater cave of  Witch Demither.  Eric and Keeah found the key to Mokarto (which was what Keeah and Eric were looking for.)  They were forced to give it to Ving and Ming. Ming and Ving heard from the part of the front wall ( which was made of the truth-teller stone, Portentia) that said, 'Sorry to darken your bliss, but the ancient legend goes like this: Whoever opens the door to Mokarto,'wil be completley blasted appart-o!  Ming turned either Nelag or Galen into Glena who listens to anything anyone says. Galen told Glena to stop. Glena spun on her heels and turned into (that's right folks) the pretend wizard...  Nelag! The rainbow stairs appeared. The kids went back up to the Upper World.