Normal Books Edit

1. The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet

2. Journey to the Volcano Palace

3. The Mysterious Island

4. City in the Clouds

5. The Great Ice Battle

6. The Sleeping Giant of Goll

7. Into the Land of the Lost

8. The Golden Wasp

9. The Tower of the Elf King

10. Quest for the Queen

11. The Hawk Bandits of Tarkoom

12. Under the Serpent Sea

13. The Mask of Maliban

14. Voyage of the Jaffa Wind

15. The Moon Scroll

16. The Knights of Silversnow

17. Dream Thief

18. Search for the Dragon Ship

19. The Coiled Viper

20. In the Ice Caves of Krog

21. Flight of the Genie

22. The Isle of Mists

23. The Fortress of the Treasure Queen

24. The Race to Doobesh

25. The Riddle of Zorfendorf Castle

26. Moon Dragon

27. The Chariot of Queen Zara

28. In the Shadow of Goll

29. Pirates of the Purple Dawn

30. Escape from Jabar-Loo

31. Queen of Shadowthorn

32. Treasure of the Orkins

33. Flight of the Blue Serpent

34. In the City of Dreams

35. The Lost Empire of Koomba

36. Knights of the Ruby Wand

Special Edition Books Edit

1. The Magic Escapes

2. Wizard or Witch?

3. Voyagers of the Silver Sand

4. Sorcerer

5. Moon Magic

6. Crown of Wizards

7. The Genie King

8. The Final Quest

NOTE: Special Edition number 8 had two rumored names: The Final Quest and The Endless Voyage. It's is actually named The Final Quest, but in the list of books in Special Edition #7: The Genie King, it was listed as "And coming soon, Special Edition #8: The Endless Voyage."