Khan is a fictional character in the children book series The Secrets of Droon written by Tony Abbott.

Khan is a purple pillow-like creature called a Lumpy, an inhabitant of the magical realm of Droon, and the king of the Lumpies of Lumpland.

He, like all other Lumpies, has a small round face, bulging cheeks, and noses that resemble purple tennis balls. He also possesses an extremely sensitive nose, and, thus, is an expert sniffer, traits that are not uncommon among his people. Khan's nose is even able to sniff out trouble or danger. Khan first appears in the second book, Journey to the Volcano Palace, and is introduced in an unusual way, when Neal mistakes him for a purple pillow and tugs him. Khan, who was lying face-down taking a nap, was annoyed with Neal for waking him, but nevertheless forgives him and introduces himself. He accompanies the children, Galen and Max to Lord Sparr's hidden volcano palace in Kano to retrieve The Red Eye of Dawn and aids them all he could. Khan makes a reappearance in City in the Clouds and rescues the children from Sparr with the help of his fellow Lumpies. He goes with the others to the flying city of Ro, and assists them greatly once again, revealing he is a groggle whisperer, one who is able to converse with huge, scaly, dragon-like creatures, and even persuades one to fly them up to Ro. Khan helps them find Max when he was kidnapped by the Ruby Orb of Doobesh, voyaging upon The Jaffa Wind with a crew of loyal allies in an attempt to locate and release the spider-troll. Khan has a family, with two children and a wife known as Mrs. Khan.